Why Join A 30 Clean Challenge?

Join us for a Clean Eating Challenge in a small online community, with your very own 30 Clean “compassionate, a**-kicking coach, 
a Certified T30C Health Advisor and your team of like-minded 30 Cleaners!

On our Challenges — everything goes… and by that I mean, everything dirty is out the door. You will eat delicious real food that YOU choose, while eliminating Gluten, Dairy, Grains*, Sugar of all kinds, Corn, Soy, Alcohol. Oh don’t worry – if you are not doing our SUPER Clean Challenge, you can still enjoy 3 squares of high quality dark chocolate and perhaps a glass of your favorite adult bevie on the weekend!

What benefits will you experience if you actually take this Challenge on with dedication? 

✓Increased mental clarity

✓Increased (and consistent) energy

✓Clear skin

✓Increased mental clarity

✓Improved athletic performance

✓Relief from psoriasis & arthritis  

✓Elimination of digestive distress

✓Better sleep

✓Balanced hormones

✓Improved mood- and more!

When you stop eating junk and stop dieting and instead focus on eating MORE of the right foods, you gain health, vitality, strength, and energy!

What is included? 

  • Start Up Guides and resources 
  • 3 Day Starter Meal Plan – Complete with recipes plus pantry & shopping lists
  • Daily Emails with a Health Tip, Recipe and Non-Food Challenge of the Day
  • Dashboard where you can Track your Stats and organize Recipes & Resources
  • A private Facebook Group with other 7-Day Cleaners 
  • All day access to a 30 Clean Coach & Certified Health Advisor
  • Shopping Guides
  • Meal Planning Resources