The 30 Clean 7 Day Challenge

Starts Every Monday In April -  


Join us for 7 days of "Super Clean" eating in a small online community, with your very own 30 Clean “compassionate, a**-kicking coach, 
a Certified T30C Health Advisor and your TDM Community!

What Is The 30 Clean? 

Simply put, it’s a challenge to eat only real food which helps to reduce systemic inflammation, one of the leading factors in health disease today. But it’s so much more than that. The 30 Clean creates a welcoming community where people are empowered to make authentic change in their lives. We give you permission to put yourself first!

What benefits will you experience if you actually take this Challenge on with dedication?

✓Increased mental clarity
✓Increased (and consistent) energy 
✓Better sleep
✓Clear skin
✓Reduction in conditions such as arthritis & psoriasis
✓Improved athletic performance
✓Elimination of digestive distress
✓Balanced hormones
✓Improved mood- and more! 

When you stop eating junk and stop dieting and instead focus on eating MORE of the right foods, you gain health, vitality, strength, and energy!