September 2017 Challenge

Join us for a Clean Eating Challenge in a small online community, with your very own 30 Clean “compassionate, a**-kicking coach, 
a Certified T30C Health Advisor and your team of like-minded 30 Cleaners!

On our Challenges — everything goes… and by that I mean, everything dirty is out the door. You will eat delicious real food that YOU choose, while eliminating Gluten, Dairy, Grains*, Sugar of all kinds, Corn, Soy and Alcohol. Oh don’t worry – if you are not doing our SUPER Clean Challenge, you can still enjoy 3 squares of high quality dark chocolate and perhaps a glass of your favorite adult beverage on the weekend!

When you stop eating junk and stop dieting and instead focus on eating MORE of the right foods, you gain health, vitality, strength, and energy!

What is included? 

  • Start Up Guides and resources 
  • 3 Day Starter Meal Plan – Complete with recipes plus pantry & shopping lists
  • Daily Emails with a Health Tip, Recipe and Non-Food Challenge of the Day
  • Dashboard where you can Track your Stats and organize Recipes & Resources
  • A private Facebook Group with other 30-Day Cleaners